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Bonds on top – No. 756

Here’s the deal.  756.  Period.  Some fans can be upset that Bonds took steroids.  I can tell you that steroids doesn’t make you wait for a good pitch.  Steroids doesn’t give you hand-eye coordination.  The bottom-line is Bonds isn’t an American kid.  He is Barry.  Live with it. Congrats to Barry for 756!! Finally, Bug Selig should be fired.  He clearly doesn’t understand the game.  The game is about hitting a baseball.  Barry has done that better than anyone else in the history of the game. ——— From ESPN.com: Barry Bonds hit No. 756 to the deepest part of the ballpark

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Barry Bonds ties Hammerin' Hank

Look Barry Bonds is a jerk.  He is a very hard public figure to like.  In spite of this he just hit 755.  He and Hank Aaron are the only 2 to ever do that.  Stand and clap.  What about his steroid usage?  What about it?  All players use performance enhancing stuff.  Whether it is a nutritionist to improve your diet in order to play better or it is fancy shoes in order to run faster and grip the ground better.  They all use something.  Mark McGuire did it.  Roger Clements is currently doing it and getting away with it. Bug

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Barry Bonds hit 714!

Whether you like Barry Bonds or not, he has accomplished a milestone that only a couple of accomplished before him. Steroids or not, he continues to be an extraordinary athlete. He is almost as pleasant as a porcupine but his accomplishment should be acknowledged nonetheless. 714, CONGRATULATIONS!

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