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Bhutto target of bombing

Benazir Bhutto has just arrived in Pakistan yesterday. She was greeted with thousands of well-wishers. She was also greeted with a bomb attack in spite of the fact that there were thousands of police for security. Bhutto has supported the US and has pledged to help the US kick Al Qaeda out of her country. ———— From MSNBC: A suicide bombing in a crowd welcoming former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto killed at least 123 people Thursday night, shattering her celebratory procession through Pakistan’s biggest city after eight years in exile. Two explosions went off near a truck carrying Bhutto, but police

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Terrible Bombing in Iraq

The more that we learn the higher the body counts are getting. 500? That’s the latest that I have seen and the Bush administration and the neocons continue to tell us that things are better. Where? Not in an isolated pocket. In the whole country!! If Iraqis are returning to the country by the thousands then you know things are getting better. ——— From CNN.com: The death toll in the suicide bombings Tuesday in northern Iraq has risen to at least 500, local officials in Nineveh province said Wednesday.Iraqi Army and Mosul police sources earlier put the number at 260, but

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Bombing in Glasgow

It has been about a week since the car which was in gulfed in flames crashed in the Glascow Airport.  2 doctors have been arrested.  This event seems to be linked to the London attack of last week.  That seems to be all that we truly know.  Doctors.  Attack.  From the Middle East.  It is unclear if there is a direct link to Al Qaeda.  The plot seems to have been at least inspired by Al Qaeda.  There doctors were screened by British procedures but still slid through. One of the questions that right wing bloggers ask is why does it

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