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Sly and the Family Stone: "Thank You"

(I posted this some time ago. I thought that some Sly and the Family Stone would be fun to re-post.) I’m feelin’ so good that I just felt like adding some mo’ music to celebrate! There’s plenty of other news going on. I’m just trying to chill just for a second. Ken Mehlman is stepping down as RNC chairman. Bill Maher suggested that Mehlman was gay on Larry King Live. I don’t know if all of this is related or not.  The President, while preaching bi-partisanship, asks Congress to approve some of his most controversial nominees like John Bolton.  So, sit back and enjoy. [display_podcast] Artist:

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John Bolton has no Credibility

The Vice President, Dick Cheney, is back in Iraq. It is completely unclear to me why he would be back in Iraq. As far as I know, during his tenure in the Bush administration, he’s been unable to negotiate with anyone except for other neocons in Congress. Ten months ago, Cheney was in Baghdad. This is four months into the “surge.” He was there to “jumpstart” negotiations between Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. I guess that since he did such an excellent job last time, President Bush thought he was the man for the job again this time. John Bolton, former State

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Bolton bows out, finally

From NYT: President Bush reluctantly accepted the resignation of the United Nations ambassador, John R. Bolton, on Monday, conceding that the envoy could not win Senate confirmation and signaling that the administration was unwilling to make another end run around Congressional opponents in order to keep Mr. Bolton in his job. Ending more than a year of controversy surrounding the blunt-spoken ambassador, Mr. Bush issued a strongly worded statement excoriating Mr. Bolton’s opponents on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for refusing to send his nomination to the Senate floor for a vote. “They chose to obstruct his confirmation, even though he

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