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News Roundup – Boehner, Marriage, Rangel, Healthcare

I’m not sure why, but John Boehner is suing Barack Obama. Oh, I’m sorry. I do know why. This is a fund raising stunt. If he is able to keep Republicans all riled up… they could win the Senate. 6 Signs that your marriage is on the rocks. I thought that Charles Rangel was politically dead. I guess not. He won his primary race. Now whether he should win or not is a different question. A study that came out comparing healthcare in multiple countries found that we continue to be awful. We spend more money and have worse outcomes. I

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Really, really busy at work. It is trauma season. Here’s today’s roundup from Steve Benen: If Speaker Boehner’s budget bill were to somehow reach the White House, President Obama would veto it. That probably won’t matter, since the Boehner bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today, can’t pass the Senate. (If it fails to pass the House tomorrow, this is a moot point.) Dems will try to ensure the Boehner bill doesn’t manage to pass thanks to support from a few Blue Dogs: “House Democratic leaders will be whipping votes against a GOP plan to raise the debt limit and slash federal spending,

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Standing up for their actions – GOP need to own up to their ending Medicare vote

If you vote for a plan that really ends Medicare, you should be able to stand up and defend your vote. Republicans have never liked Medicare. From DK: This is unbelievably rich. House Republican freshmen admit that their so-called “MediScare” attacks on Democrats helped them win a big majority in 2010. Democrats had voted for the health care law, which included $500 billion in “cuts” to Medicare—primarily slashing overpayments to private insurers—and Republican challengers never let them forget it.Now, they say, it’s time to let bygones be bygones…. On Tuesday, Kinzinger and 41 of his colleagues sent a letter to President Obama, asking

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