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Sequester, Bob Woodward And Other Craziness

So, we are in the post-sequestered era. What happens now? First of all, let’s deal with the craziness. The Obama administration has been accused of threatening legendary journalist Bob Woodward. I think that this falls into one of the common themes facing Barack Obama – he’s from Chicago. Because Barack Obama’s from Chicago he must be part of the Chicago, “rough-and-tumble” political machine. Yet, we’ve seen no evidence that Barack Obama plays politics this way (well, it may be an overstatement to say that we see no evidence). Personally, I doubt that the Obama administration has threatened any journalist, let alone

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500 Days by Kurt Eichenwald

500 days by Kurt Eichenwald For generations we will be studying the immediate aftermath of 9/11 with the same intense scrutiny that we studied the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and the Revolutionary war. There will be scholars who will agree and disagree about this decision or that decision. There are several books that have already addressed the atmosphere before 9/11 and immediately afterward. One of the best books, in my opinion, was Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies. This book was a personal yet comprehensive account of how the United States throughout the 1990s and early in the Bush administration struggled to

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The Errington Thompson Show 1-17-09

I start off the show with a high five for pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew. Bush has a press conference and an 13-minute primetime self-congratulatory chat with the American public (barf bag please). Bradley Schlozman (what a great name), former head of the Civil Rights office, has been found to have violated civil rights law. With luck, Eric Holder will follow up on this. We tortured Mohammed al-Qahtani. Susan Crawford gave an interview to WaPo (story written by Bob Woodward, so it must be true 🙂 ), basically saying that she wouldn’t prosecute because he was tortured. This is a problem. In the Dare

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