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Grab Bag – Friday Night

From Political Animal: Case closed: “After seven frustrating years probing the deadly 2001 anthrax mailings, the FBI closed the case Friday, concluding a mentally unhinged government researcher acted alone in the attacks that killed five people and unnerved Americans nationwide.” The mortgage crisis isn’t over: “President Barack Obama used a campaign push for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Friday to announce a new fund to support homeowners in five states hit hardest by the housing crisis.” In fact, the mortgage crisis may be shifting: “A mortgage crisis like the one that has devastated homeowners is enveloping the nation’s office and retail buildings.” Sen.

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Far-right-wing craziness

I have really been seriously trying to focus on what the Right Wing is so peeved about. Today, we have a tea party sponsored by Fox News and several right-wing lobbyists. I thought that John McCain and other conservatives were outraged over lobbyists. I guess not. I suppose if you want to look for substance you’d look even farther to the right. Militias. Here an interesting article from the Daily Kos. From DailyKos: Back in March, the state of Missouri completed a report looking into the nature of multiple militia groups that have sprung up (or moved in) around the state.

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Libertarians Not Wanted By Voters

We’ve heard a lot about Libertarian presidential candidates in 2008, but the voting public does not want these people in power. Congressman Ron Paul’s Republican primary campaign was a flop. Despite raising a lot of money from a core of true believers, Paul did not have nearly the success of outsider primary candidates Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988 or Pat Robertson in 1988. Wedded to his government job, Paul did not run for President on a third party ticket in 2008. Instead, he is running for re-election to Congress in Texas. Instead, Libertarians have nominated former Congressman Bob Barr (

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