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Blue Whale—Never Alone

In the Audubon Society’s Guide to Marine Mammals of the World, a comparison is made between a school of dolphins and a single solitary Blue Whale. The dolphin school is likely feeding and “… is probably a temporary gathering…” On the other hand, the Blue Whale “may be in acoustic communication with one or more other Blue Whales many miles away.” Reading this, I felt an identification with that one Blue Whale. I spend a lot of time alone, but I don’t regard myself as anti-social. I often use time alone to consider my next blog post or to think about

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Jet Blue choses the worst of both worlds

First, of all, I was planning on going to the YearlyKos because last year’s was a huge success. So, I scheduled some time off. I’m a last minute kind of guy so I hadn’t registered. Well, registration closed yesterday. I’m used to going to conferences where registration on site is relatively common. Guess not. No YearlyKos for me. Anyway, JetBlue was flying several of the speakers out to the conference for free. Cool. They were also flying their staffs out for free. Doubly cool. Well, Billo got a hold of it. Hundreds of crazed e-mails (probably the same guy with different

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Blue Angels crash

More sad news. ———– From CNN.com: The family of the pilot killed Saturday watched as his F/A-18 Hornet crashed in a neighborhood during a U.S. Navy Blue Angels precision-flying team air show, Lt. Commander Anthony Walley said Saturday. A military source told CNN the jet clipped the top of a pine tree during a sharp turn at the end of the team’s aerial exhibition. Fred Yelinek told CNN he saw the crash the jet come down about 100 yards from him with an “earth-shattering rumble,” sparking a “huge fireball” and hurtling pieces of debris into homes. (more…)

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