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Pixar’s Brave

Pixar’s Brave opens this weekend across the country. This is the first major movie from Pixar starring a heroine. Let me end the suspense. This is a great movie. It has a wonderful story and Pixar animation. Yes, the movie is thoroughly entertaining, but I was completely blown away by the animation. The detail (in one scene where our heroine was riding a horse through the woods, the horse looked so good I questioned if it was real or not) was phenomenal. Disney, tired of getting its butt kicked, bought Pixar several years ago. The good news for Pixar fans is

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Is the USS Limbaugh sinking?

Let me say that I’m shocked that Rush Limbaugh issued anything besides a big FU on Saturday. Sure, his apology was crap, but it was much more than I ever thought. Rush Limbaugh hasn’t been humbled since it looked like he was going to jail for his oxycontin habit. Somehow he weathered that storm. This current storm seems to be something else entirely. 14¬†advertisers¬†have dropped Rush. 14! Two radio stations have also dropped him. I’m blown away. It is time for women to wake up. They have to understand what’s going on. The way that I see it, Rush Limbaugh and

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