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Hacked. Updated

So my server company sent me an email the other day which mentioned that I was using a ton of resources. Why would I be using a lot of resources? I have three or four blogs and they are only visited by just a few people. I don’t run the Daily Kos or CNN or one of those sites that gets a million to 2 million visitors a day. So, I sent the email to my web guru, he did some investigating and found that someone placed code in my mail servers to send out spam. Actually, the crooks were brilliant. It was disruptive but yet not disruptive enough to cause an FBI investigation. They didn’t change any of my code, so it doesn’t alert the FBI. Instead, they simply got my server to send out a bunch of emails that nobody probably wanted.

It is like sitting on the beach in Maui, drinking a beer and reading a good book and suddenly this big, smelly, slob comes up next to you sits down and puts down this huge boombox which blares out music and ruined your day and your mood. It’s like that.

The server is fix. Web sites are working again. I have paid my web guru a ton of money for working overtime and on short notice. But, we are back to normal. I think…

Update: For around 6 weeks, I have been fighting hackers. I kick them out (well, my web guru does) and days later they are back. I have spent several thousand dollars to try to harden my site. Blogging was supposed to be –┬ájust a little something on the side. It was supposed to be low cost. Now, I’m wondering if I need to scrap the whole thing. This is really crazy.

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Blogging Issues

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine was yacking away about how anyone could allow themselves to be hacked. Of course he was talking about Hillary. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that almost anyone can get hacked. Bill Gates is probably not hackable. The CEO for Symantec and McAfee are probably not hackable. Everyone else, though, um… yes.

This brings me to my blog. I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have tried to stay away from politics. There is more emotion and less thoughtfulness than there needs to be. The other day, however, I decided that I had something to say. I went to my website and this huge (HUGE) “Forbidden 404” exploded across it. What the hell? To make a long story short, someone was killing my blog. They were hitting it thousands of times per day; each time, for a few seconds. It was a denial of service attack. The hosting company claimed that I had been using too many resources and shut me down. For just $250/month, I could upgrade my account and …. Pfft!!! I blew them a raspberry. 

I have a new host!!! I have upgraded security. I had the most security possible before, but I didn’t have my own server. Unless you have a team of IT gurus monitoring your blog 24/7, you can get hacked. Anyway, my blog is back up and running. 

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Blog Frustration

Blog Frustration

I’m sorry. I have yet to find a good way to blog from an iPad. Links remain difficult to create. Graphs are nearly impossible. Copying and pasting is challenging. Then comes the biggest problem… what program do you use? Blogging in Safari is laughable. The “author” window has task bars that are all over the place. It isn’t much better using Chrome on the iPad. There is a program called BlogPad Pro. It looks very impressive. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to use and post. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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