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Black Friday Thankfulness – Dallas Cowboys Edition

I know that it is Black Friday and Americans are pushing and shoving trying to buy the latest toy for their three-year-old toddler who won’t remember the toy in two years. I’m going to skip that  mess. I would like to talk about why I am thankful that the Cowboys have proven I don’t need to hope for the playoffs, that this season is over.

Dejected Tony Romo

I am extremely thankful that I only watched the first half of this football game. Actually, the first two series tell the story. The fact that the Cowboys once again made a furious comeback that came up short is immaterial. The Dallas Cowboys defense stopped the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin, III on the first possession. As a matter fact, they went backwards. After a punt and an obligatory penalty (both teams are ridiculously penalized because they are bad), the Dallas Cowboys started at the Washington 35-yard line. The Cowboys moved the ball to the Washington seven-yard line. They had third and six at the Washington Redskins’ 12-yard line. Jason Witten, our all-Pro tight end, was called for a false start. The drive stalled. We kicked a field goal. The Dallas Cowboys started the drive on the 35-yard line. The Redskins give up almost 26 points each game. Their defense allows an average of 390 yards per game, yet the Cowboys could not find a way into the end zone. Kicking a field goal was simply awful.

The Washington Redskins had eight plays, but then had to kick the ball again as the drive stalled. The Dallas Cowboys got the football on their own 13-yard line. They put together three plays, which yielded a first down. They get six yards on, in and around to Dez Bryant. Then, because the Cowboys hate momentum early in the game, they decided to give the Washington Redskins the gift of momentum. As a matter of fact, the next sequence of penalties really exemplifies the Dallas Cowboys season. It started with a false start on Doug Free, who is our penalty-prone tackle and who has struggled mightily this year. Next came a penalty that I simply cannot understand or explain. After a penalty, the play clock restarted and somehow the Cowboys could not get… The whistle blew – delay of game. Completely inexcusable. So, instead of having a second down and four, the Cowboys had a second down and 14. Two plays later, they were punting the ball to the Washington Redskins. On the Redskins’ next possession they began to run the ball and after several plays Robert Griffin, III, displayed a beautiful play action pass and hit Aldrick Robinson for a 68-yard touchdown pass. For all practical purposes, the game was over.

I’m sure that the Dallas Cowboys have plenty of excuses for their mediocre performance. They can point to the fact that their former All-Pro receiver Miles Austin has been chronically injured, again. They can also point to the fact that the defense simply isn’t the same without Jay Ratliff in the middle. They could also mention that they simply cannot run the ball without DeMarco Murray. Without a running game, Tony Romo has to force the ball and that’s a recipe for multiple interceptions. Every team has injuries. The New England Patriots, the Green Bay Packers, the San Francisco 49ers – all of them had injuries to key players, yet somehow they managed to play competitive football. Even without the injuries, the Cowboys were looking mediocre at best. It is time for Jerry Jones to begin the plan for next season. It is my opinion, that the Dallas Cowboys will not, unfortunately, be competitive until Jerry Jones recognizes that he cannot win without Jimmy Johnson. It is that simple.

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Wednesday Morning News Roundup

I was listening to the Bill Press Show on the way home (I was on call last night) and he had three topics for discussion. Black Friday: should we really be out shopping? Do you avoid politics over Thanksgiving dinner? Looking for peace in the Middle East. Black Friday is not about Christmas or the spirit of giving. It’s about large corporations figuring out a way to make huge sums of money. That’s it. The insanity of waking up and standing in line at 4 o’clock in the morning in order to get a deal on a Cabbage Patch doll or a G.I. Joe with a kung fu grip (from Trading Places) is ridiculous. I’ve seen people making $15,000 a year spending nearly 10% of their annual income on Christmas gifts. That’s not sustainable. When my siblings and I get together over the holidays, we will talk about everything. If my in-laws are there, that’s a little bit different. Let’s just say that my brother-in-law (well, all of my in-laws), up until recently thought that Glenn Beck was speaking the truth. My brother-in-law is a very smart guy. He longs for a time when things were simpler and easier to understand – the 1950s. As a rule, I avoid talking politics with him, but he has to bring up the subject. Then I approach it thoughtfully, carefully and in a nonconfrontational way. I only talk about subject where I know the facts. Finally, the Middle East. I don’t know what to say about that. I find the whole thing so disheartening.

The one thing that the General Petraeus scandal has told us is that all of your email is retrievable. If you’re saying things that you probably don’t want to read in court, then you probably need to take some sort of precautions.

When you don’t believe in government, it is really, really hard for you to make government work correctly. When you believe that government is the problem and never the solution, it is nearly impossible for government to work efficiently. A case in point is South Carolina. The government in South Carolina just got hacked. 3.8 million Social Security numbers were stolen. Why? The State Department of Revenue had crummy security.

Maybe South Carolina should have gotten some tips from Israel. As soon as hostilities increased, the state of Israel got hit by massive cyber attacks, 44 million separate cyber attacks. The government of Israel is still standing and the computers are still running.

Former Senator Warren Rudman has died.

Senator John McCain, who has led the charge in the Senate against the administration’s handling of Benghazi, is now flabbergasted, dumbstruck and stupefied. The Director of National Intelligence has stated that he removed the references to Al Qaeda in the initial reports as they were communicated by UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Here’s the problem. As I see it, who cares what it was called? It doesn’t matter whether within moments, days or even weeks we call these terrorist attacks or exuberant celebrations. What were the security protocols? Were they followed? I’ve yet to read anything significant or substantial on whether extra security was asked for in Benghazi. Was it? What was the administration’s response if there was such a request? As far as I’m concerned, this is a complete and total failure of the media. The media’s running around following Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain instead of giving us the background information that we truly need. They need to do some legwork.

Why is asking a simple question about science looked upon as a gotcha question? Senator Marco Rubio decided that he could not or should not answer the simple question concerning the age of the earth. This is a no-brainer, even if you are not a scientist. Biblical scholars thought that Galileo was a heretic in suggesting that the earth revolves around the sun. Now, Marco Rubio thinks that he would commit some sort of religious faux pas by stating that the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old. This underscores the stupidity of our political system. We’ve got to do better. We deserve better.

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Consumers Are Determined to Decrease Debt

I know there’s been some happy talk about spending during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whatever. I’m not buying it. Although Americans may have spent a considerable amount of money in the last several days, there’s no evidence that the trend will continue. As a matter of fact, the trend over the last several years is that Americans are cutting back on debt. There’s no reason to assume that Americans are changing their minds and deciding to start borrowing again.

The following is a fabulous graph from the Calculated Risk blog:

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