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Race in America

A friend of mine wrote a lengthy response to this post. I thought I would try to discuss why I think he is so far off base. His words are blockquoted. The case of Professor Derek (Derrick) Bell, his supporters, and his passionate belief in Critical Race Theory simply proves that racism and prejudice are as alive and well in some black folks as it is in some white folks and some in other races. It is important for us to acknowledge that both Whites and Blacks have issues with race. We all do. We all have stereotypes and prejudices that

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What if the Tea Party were Black?

I think that this is a legitimate question. Hell, with Beck’s craziness, Hannity almost sounds sane. (JJP had a nice piece on this yesterday.) Now, let’s see what Tim Wise had to say about this. This gets good: Let’s play a game, shall we? The name of the game is called “Imagine.” The way it’s played is simple: we’ll envision recent happenings in the news, but then change them up a bit. Instead of envisioning white people as the main actors in the scenes we’ll conjure – the ones who are driving the action – we’ll envision black folks or other people of

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