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Tuesday Morning News RoundUp

Pardon me if I sleep my way through Super Tuesday. The only thing that is super about today is the fact that the media has gotta do everything that they can to try to prop up Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and maybe even Ron Paul. If Mitt Romney wins by a landslide then there’s nothing else to cover until after each party has their national convention. Billions of dollars of ad revenue will be lost. We wouldn’t want to have that. So, let’s pretend like this is really a race and sit riveted to our television sets this evening. It’s

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ABC Takes Question From Sean Hannity?

Come on– no serious journalist would take a question from Sean “the weapons of mass destruction have been moved to Syria” Hannity. Or would they? It looks like George Stephanopoulos exactly that. He took a question directly from Sean Hannity. I’m having some trouble really expressing my outrage, bitterness, displeasure. It seems Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos were reading the Republican manual on smear because they spent 45 minutes on nothing. I don’t care if Senator Barack Obama talked to or hung out with Bill Ayers. If Obama had said that he wanted to overtake the government by any means necessary,

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