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Connecticut Passes Sweeping Gun Control Legislation

Connecticut has passed sweeping gun control legislation. I stand up and applaud the bipartisan effort it took to pass the sweeping legislation. Again I will reiterate that gun control laws will not stop every single act of random violence. Instead, the purpose of the legislation is to try to decrease gun violence in the United States; specifically, in this instance, in Connecticut. From TP: 1. It has bipartisan support. Certainly more Democrats than Republicans supported the bill, but the vote in the state House was 105 to 44, with 40 percent of Republicans and 87 percent of Democrats voting for it.

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Grab Bag – Monday

Good morning. Here are a couple of things. With the chaos that is going on in Japan, a friend of mine sent me an e-mail about a power plant that we have on an active fault line. Diablo Canyon Power Plant is not far from not one, not two faultlines. It is designed to withstand a quake of 7.5 magnitude. It just gives me pause. I would prefer a nice wind farm. It appears that a group of Republicans still believe that Yucca Mountain should be our national repository for nuclear waste. A man who was swept out to sea, after

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START needs Congressional action

This week I’m going to have a series of posts on Healthcare and Healthcare Reform. Tell your friends to join the conversion. I should have my first post in this series up early this evening. Now, START needs Congress to act but the Senate has been stuck. From TP: Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) has been the leading Senate Republican urging the upper chamber of Congress to ratify the New START arms control treaty with Russia. However, the Republican obstructionism that has become so routine throughout the past two years of President Obama’s tenure is standing in the way. Sen. Jon Kyl

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