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Late Thursday Night News Roundup

Late Thursday Night News Roundup Fungus in the brain. Yuck. This is what government is all about. It is protecting us from business. I’m not saying that the New England Compounding Center did anything wrong. What I’m saying is that if the government does its job stuff like this rarely happens. (For those who are somehow unaware, a steroid injection meant to be injected into the spinal canal has been contaminated with a fungus. I have never heard of anything like this. 20 patients have died. Over 250 patients have become sick. I have never even heard of this fungus –

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News Roundup (Updated)

I’m running late this morning. Will update my news roundup later on this afternoon. I love the Shuttle. I’m sad that we couldn’t figure out a way to update it and keep it going. From TP: Michele Bachmann became the first presidential candidate to sign a pledge created by THE FAMiLY LEADER, an influential social-conservative group in Iowa. By signing the pledge Bachmann “vows” to “uphold the institution of marriage as only between one man and one woman” by committing herself to 14 specifics steps. The ninth step calls for the banning of “all forms” of pornography. The pledge also states that homosexuality

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Supporting freedom

The Right is very fond of talking about freedom and liberty. The people of Egypt have lived under a dictatorship for years and it now appears they have asked for freedom. They are protesting in the streets to overthrow their own government. This hearkens to the “redress of grievances” part that our founding fathers stated in the first amendment and that the Right continues to talk about. Now that the people of Egypt have spoken, why are the conservatives not supporting them? From TP: As ThinkProgress reported earlier today, a number of high-profile right-wing figures have risen to the defense of the

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