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NFL: A Few Thoughts on Super Bowl Weekend

The NFL has really grown a special product over the last 20-30 years. The Super Bowl has become an event like no other. Later on today, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens. In my mind, there’s no clear favorite. The San Francisco 49ers are a young and versatile team. The Baltimore Ravens are older and possibly wiser. I will not go into a detailed discussion about both teams but there are plenty of blogs that can do that with much more detail than I can. I believe this game will come down to Joe Flacco. I believe

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Jerry Jones promises changes

After the ridiculous loss to Jacksonville, Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones said, “Let me be real clear… There’s no way the result and the way we played tonight, there is no way I can rest, sleep, eat well, with a diet of that right there. There is no way. “If you look at what we’re about, our team, our stadium, the pride I have in this franchise, you know it doesn’t digest. It doesn’t go down. We’ve got to do something that changes this on the field.” I think that it is nice that the owner of the Cowboys thinks that

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Parcells is outta here

Bill Parcells has retired from the Dallas Cowboys and football again. So where does this leave the Cowboys? Jimmy Johnson? Update: I found this on SI.com from Peter King – I called Bill Parcells on Saturday to say something I don’t often say to anyone I cover. In fact, I don’t remember ever saying it in 23 years covering the NFL. “I really want you to coach one more year,” I said to Parcells, whom I’m known since 1985, when I moved to New York to cover the Giants for Newsday. “You’ve got a quarterback you love, and you’re having fun.

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