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Similarities between Adrian Peterson and Bill Cosby

All-star running back Adrian Peterson has been embroiled in a legal battle for more than two months, leaving him sidelined. It appears that Adrian Peterson decided to discipline his young son. The discipline, according to the Houston Chronicle, consisted of grabbing a tree branch and striking his son repeatedly. At first glance, no big deal. Then again, let’s think about this. Is beating your 4-year-old really the best way to exact punishment? This is not 1965. If some can consider Rudy Giuliani America’s mayor, then I’m positive we can qualify Bill Cosby as America’s father. Bill Cosby has been on our

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More on Robin Williams

I’m still bumming that Robin Williams has died. Salon is putting together several great articles on Robin (here, here, here and here). I remember hearing that Steven Spielberg became very depressed while making Schindler’s List. He and Robin Williams became friends a couple of years earlier while filming Hook. Robin Williams sustained Steven Spielberg during the darkest days while filming that beautiful yet gutwrenching Holocaust drama. During my lifetime, there have only been a few comedians that I can say were fall-on-the-floor funny – Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. I love to laugh. I love to laugh so hard

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Backlash over Mixed Race Spiderman is Misinterpreted

Some people refuse to understand the facts that are right in front of them. Marvel Comics seems to be getting some backlash over their “new Spiderman.” The new Spiderman is a young man who is of Black-Latino descent. Some have decided that this backlash is because we still have a racial problem here in the United States. If you remember some of those multiple-choice college questions, the answer to this question is true, true and unrelated. It is true that there is a backlash against the new Spiderman and it is true that we still have a racial problem in the

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