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NFL: Championship Weekend

My predictions over the last several weeks have been simply awful. As a matter fact, had you taken my predictions and gone to Vegas simply to bet against me, you could have made some serious money. Anyway, in spite of my past failures, here we go again. Baltimore Ravens versus New England Patriots: First, let me start by saying I really do not like Tom Brady. I never have. I don’t know why, but I just don’t. I acknowledge that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. If he wins another Super Bowl, I might

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No Tebow Time

Is it wrong that I watched most of the Denver Broncos versus New England Patriots football game? I watched it mainly to see how Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would manage to slow down and derail the Tim Tebow train. The game opened with a long Denver Broncos drive. In typical Denver Broncos fashion, they ran the ball more than they threw it. They ran the ball extremely effectively. The final play of the drive was Tim Tebow shrugging off a defender in the backfield and then serpentining his way into the end zone. For some reason, the Denver Broncos decided

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NFL: weekend wrap-up and Jay Cutler

Yes, I know that the State of the Union address begins in one hour. I don’t know, something about the State of the Union address has turned me off for more than a decade. The spectacle of I stand up and you sit down and look stonefaced kind of makes my stomach turn. So, I’m going to be pouring over the text of his speech for the next hour and hopefully I’ll have something intelligent to say in the morning. Hopefully. Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears – Let me lay out the scenario for you. The Chicago Bears have a

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