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Sequester, Bob Woodward And Other Craziness

So, we are in the post-sequestered era. What happens now? First of all, let’s deal with the craziness. The Obama administration has been accused of threatening legendary journalist Bob Woodward. I think that this falls into one of the common themes facing Barack Obama – he’s from Chicago. Because Barack Obama’s from Chicago he must be part of the Chicago, “rough-and-tumble” political machine. Yet, we’ve seen no evidence that Barack Obama plays politics this way (well, it may be an overstatement to say that we see no evidence). Personally, I doubt that the Obama administration has threatened any journalist, let alone

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Obama wins third and final debate

I guess the question is how a presidential debate is won. There is no referee other than the American populace and the moderator does not stand up and call a time-out every time a candidate stretches the truth. So how do you win? I guess the answer is to look presidential, (whatever that is). You need to look calm, cool and in complete command of the subject. The tasks at the beginning of this debate were completely different for each candidate. Sen. John McCain needed to convince the American people that he has a viable plan to fix our economy. He

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Black man begs McCain to bring up Ayers at next debate

I thought it odd that a black man would stand up in a McCain rally and this guy was in the front row. Was he just lucky? I doubt it. This SOB is a radio talk host on the conservative WTMJ 620 in Milwaukee. An honorable man would have stood up and stated that he is a talk show host who supports McCain and personally gains from spouting this crap. Did he say that? No! He pretended to be just an average citizen who is begging McCain to take it to Obama. This guy, James T Harris, was trying to boost

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