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Championship Weekend

Championship football on championship weekend. Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for beating the New England Patriots. I thought that Tom Brady and the crew were headed to another Super Bowl, but the Ravens just made enough plays to prevent that from happening. Joe Flacco, whom I have never believed in, made plays. The Patriots decided that they were going to take away the run and the deep pass. They did. Flacco had to hit those intermediate range passes and he did. He was very accurate with the ball. Anquan Boldin made plays. He was huge. Ray Rice continued to pound the

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NFL: Wildcard Weekend

New Orleans Saints versus Seattle Seahawks The New Orleans Saints have seemed to be missing something all year long. I know I’ve talked about it many times. They’ve seemed like a Ferrari that’s missing one cylinder. Their offense never got it cranked up. But on Saturday, it was their defense that let them down, big time. Seattle played a solid game, never gave up. They took advantage of aggressive New Orleans corners and confused New Orleans safeties. BTW, where has Marshawn Lynch been all year? Congratulations to the Seahawks. The New Orleans Saints need to tighten up their defense and they

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Super Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday The Arizona Cardinals versus Pittsburgh Steelers How the Steelers win — There’s a tendency in big games to try to surprise your opponent. This is what the Baltimore Ravens tried to do when they played Pittsburgh in the conference finals. They tried to pass their way to victory. That did not work out so well for them. In order for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win, they need to continue doing what they’ve been doing all season… running the football. Willie Parker needs to be healthy. Mewelde Moore needs to be able to come in as a change-of-pace back. The Steelers need to pound the

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