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News Roundup – NSA Surveillance, gene patents, climate change

I am happy to admit that I really do not know whether the NSA surveillance program is a good thing or a bad thing. We’ve all heard the pros and cons. On the good side, domestic surveillance (domestic spying) is supposed to keep us safe. It is supposed to be a way in which the powers that be figure out who is naughty and who is nice. They monitor the naughty ones and, in theory, they should be able to nab the bad guys before they blow something up. On the bad side, domestic spying can be a great way in

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Sexism and Schlafly

This is pretty over the top. I wonder if there are any single women who work and pay their bills in the US. I wonder if Phillis Schlafly knows any of them..? From TP: One of the things Obama’s been doing is deliberately trying to increase the percentage of our population that is dependent on government for your living. For example, do you know what was the second biggest demographic group that voted for Obama? Obviously the blacks were the biggest demographic, y’all know what was the second biggest? Unmarried women. 70% of unmarried women voted for Obama. And this is

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Plane crashes in Austin

Is this domestic terrorism? A software engineer who was anonymous before today is now known all over the country. It appears that he has intentionally flown his plane into a building that housed the IRS in Austin, Texas. Joseph Stack was a 53-year-old gentleman who set his house on fire before flying his plane into the seven story building. As I’ve mentioned after all of these tragedies (I’ve been doing this blog now for over four years there’s been the Virginia Tech shooting, the shooting on a military base in Texas, the shooting at the University of Alabama at Huntsville and

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