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Obama Delivers Eulogy in South Carolina

https://youtu.be/RK7tYOVd0Hs Obama delivered a GREAT eulogy for those who died in Charleston, SC. From MSNBC: Singing the words to “Amazing Grace” in a deep and powerful baritone, President Obama delivered an impassioned eulogy to honor the life of Rev. Clementa Pinckney and the tragedy of his fatal shooting – a historic moment from the nation’s first black president in addressing the “uncomfortable truths” about prejudice and racial bias still alive in America. The president spoke before thousands of mourners gathered across Charleston on Friday to pay their final respects to Pinckney, one of the nine people fatally shot in the massacre

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Olbermann’s ordeal was stupid

By now, everyone should know that Keith Olbermann was suspended and now is back on the air because of political contributions that he made a couple weeks ago. What happened and why? It appears that MSNBC has a policy on political contributions by their on-air commentators. Cool. Their policy states that all political donations need to be approved prior to making the donations. Why? I don’t understand how prior approval will make any donation any more or any less ethical. Now, if you inform MSNBC about political donations, certain interviews and certain stories could and should be reported differently. It should

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CBO's numbers

I’m not an economist, I don’t play one on TV and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I do know that these guys are smart. They are economists and non-partisan. From Ezra: My colleague Neil Irwin has a very good piece on the difficulty the Congressional Budget Office has predicting the cost of something complex like the health-care reform bill. But because his piece is coming in the context of a coordinated conservative effort to discredit the CBO’s analysis of the health-care reform bill, it’s worth making a couple of points. First, be very careful with any criticism

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