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News Roundup: ISIS, Comets, BB King, Stevie Wonder

American Special Operations mounted an offensive against an ISIS military leader in Syria. Abu Sayyaf, described as a mid-level Islamic State leader in Syria, was targeted by Delta Forces. Exactly why he was targeted is unclear. The Islamic State leader was killed during the raid. There were no American casualties.


Here are some cool pictures of a comet developing its tail. These were taken from a satellite which we have orbiting the comet.

The great blues singer BB King died earlier this week. The blues is as American as apple pie and baseball. It is a genre that many of us don’t get. But, if you take some time and immerse yourself in it, you’ll find that BB King was the king of blues.

Here is his signature song, which he didn’t write, but he made it his own: “The Thrill is Gone.”

Artist: BB King
Tune: Lucille

Stevie Wonder had his 65th birthday last week. Here’s Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark, Jr’s tribute to Stevie from a few months back. “Fingertips,” “MasterBlaster,” and “Higher Ground,” which, in my mind, may be Stevie’s best tune.

Artist: Stevie Wonder
Tune: Higher Ground

One of the greatest things about YouTube is that you can find videos that you never knew existed. Sting and Stevie Wonder on the same stage. OMG!!! These are my two favorite artists of all time. Check it out!!!

Artists: Stevie Wonder and Sting
Tune: Higher Ground and Roxanne

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She can sing and she is damn sexy, too.

Artist: Beyonce
Tune: Sweet Dreams

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Why Black People Loved the First 100 Days

I found this great article by Melissa Harris-Lacewell (frequent guest on my radio show):

On Monday the New York Times reported that the percentage of black Americans who believe race relations in America are generally good has doubled since July. This statistic forces me to ask: why are African Americans feeling so good about our country in a time of economic crisis and international conflict?

It is not just the fact of a black president. Instead, with everyone analyzing the 100-day mark of Obama’s administration, I think the answer lies in understanding this historic moment through a black cultural lens. I believe African Americans are feeling racially optimistic because they respect how our first Brother President is handling his business. Not all black people of course; there is a group clamoring for “accountability.” But the polls are clear that most black people remain enthusiastic supporters of this president.

In January Obama kicked things off with the ultimate political party. African Americans stood with numb fingers and toes on the National Mall to watch a day we never thought would come. Obama had Mary J. Blige singing on the weekend, Aretha in her Sunday-going-to-meeting-hat celebrating on Tuesday morning, and Beyonce serenading on Tuesday night. It was an unrivaled R&B trifecta, challenging even the Essence festival.

But the best part of January 20th was that Barack and Michelle got out of the bulletproof, blac Cadillac and walked the streets…and no one shot at them. I know we are not allowed to say it, but one reason black people believe that race relations have improved in America is because Barack lived through the primaries, the election, the inauguration, and now through 100 days.

Not only has he survived it; this man has been busy. Obama immediately threw open the doors to the federal government creating the most transparent and internet searchable administration in our history. He quickly ordered the closure of Guantanamo. Both acts resonated with black Americans who have often been most brutally impacted by unfair criminal practices and covert, domestic, government surveillance. Obama signed the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and imposed a cap on executive pay for banks receiving TARP funds. These policies of wage fairness were immediate signals of substantive change for black Americans who continue to experience enormous income and wealth disadvantage relative to whites. (more… )

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