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Mitt’s $10,000 demonstration that he is Thurston Howell, III

Every now and then we have a candidate who proves that he is out of touch with the American people. The real Mitt Romney was on hand Saturday night.

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Now, betting is a very macho thing. Asking or demanding that someone puts their money where their mouth is happens all of the time. $5 and $10 bets are harmless. A $100 bet is serious. A $10,000 bet is way out of bounds. No one but the biggest high rollers throw around that kind of money. Mitt Romney is the modern day Thurston Howell, III from Gillian’s Island.

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I was channel surfin’ yesterday and parked on BET‘s Jazz Channel. They played an hour of Fourplay. They were refreshing. I have four or five of their CDs, but I haven’t listened to them in probably 18 months. My bad. Here’s their first hit.

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Filibuster? You bet!!

The question isn’t whether Alito has the brains to be on the Supreme Court. The question is whether he should be on the Supreme Court. With questions about presidential power, easesdropping, torture, and civil liberties at stake it is time for the Democratics to grow a pair and stand up. If you lose you lose but fight DAMN IT!

It is ironic that Alito’s testimony ended just before the MLK holiday. Civil Rights should have been the key question. Alito’s writings don’t seem to support civil rights at all. No affirmative action. No women’s rights. None.

Also, the 2 mining tradegies happened to come during this Alito time. Alito has sided with business against the little every time that he could.

NO. NO. NO!! Alito is replacing Sandra Day O’Conner. A moderate. We must fight against this extremely conservative appointment.

Clinton consulted with Congress and go a nominee with Republicans and Democrats could live with. Bush listened but didn’t hear the Democrats. He didn’t. He chose someone to please his base.

Fight. Dem’s fight.

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