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Geek Time – Best of CES

The best of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014. This is strictly a Geek post. Best cellphone I’m sorry, but buying a cellphone to plug into my tablet? I don’t get it. Best Desktop This does look cool. Engadget’s take on CES

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The Best-Spelling of California – Ever

I was reading an article on Raw Story about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Remember, he had problems pronouncing the word California. As a matter fact, he had problems pronouncing a lot of English words. One of the commenters was trying to spell California the way Schwarzenegger says it – Kahleefoahneeya. I love it!!

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Winning Comment – Best VP candidate

Comment by Kyle (Editor’s Note: I appreciate everyone who entered this contest. I have added emphasis to this comment for readability.) Right, do I have to narrow it down to one each? Ah well, okay, here we go. Hillary Clinton I’ve not spent much time considering mainly because I’m seriously hoping she doesn’t win the nomination. Now I know Wesley Clark is supposedly on the short list, but that seems like a heavy non-starter to me, Wes Clark isn’t a rising star, politically, he’s an also ran with a military background. I would like Biden, but there’s no regional advantages to

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