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What did we learn from yesterday’s grilling of Hilliary Clinton?

Every now and then it is really important to understand your role in a situation. At the latest Benghazi hearings Hillary Clinton knew she was in the spotlight. She was on the hotseat. She couldn’t get angry, couldn’t be flip (although I think she had every right to be flip, mad or whatever !) She had to be in control. She was all of that and more. Republicans really had nothing. They were fishing for a soundbite that they could play for the American people that “proved” Hillary Clinton isn’t fit to be Commander-in-Chief. They didn’t get their soundbite. Hillary Clinton

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News Roundup – Rangers fail, Kevin McCarthy cannot speak, Watching Failure

It is unclear how it could have been much worse. The Texas Rangers reportedly have one of the best bullpens in major league baseball. They are leading 10-6, at home. It is the top of the ninth inning. The Texas Rangers and their fabulous bullpen give up five runs and end up losing to the Los Angeles Angels, 11-10. It was an epic failure. It is unclear how a team comes back from such a devastating loss. Kevin McCarthy is running for John Boehner’s old job. He has made several recent television appearances which simply did not go that well. His

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News Roundup – Iraq, Tony Gwynn, Benghazi

Yes, the US beat Ghana. Kinda cool. I don’t think that we should mobilize tens of thousands of troops because Iraq is falling apart. I think that this was predictable. Many of us thought Iraq was falling apart in 2007 and the only thing that was holding it together was… us. We are seeing more killing. Who knows what al-Maliki’s plans are? The great Tony Gwynn has died. The US has captured a possible suspect in the 2012 Benghazi embassy attack. This man is thought to be the ringleader. More from Steve Benen – Henry told the president, “You said on

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