CIA believes that Al Qaeda killed Bhutto

I have written a lot on Benizar Bhutto (here, here and here). She knew before she returned to Pakistan that there were going to attempts on her life. My question is where was the security? If she was unable to Pervez Musharref and the Pakistani government to protect her then she needed to get someone. What about Blackwater? I guarantee that Blackwater would have been able to protect her for a price. Roads would have been cleared. She would have never been allowed to stick her head out of sunroof. Guys with high powered rifles, machine guns and wrap-around sunglasses would have been everywhere. Bullet-proof and bomb resistant Black Chevy Suburbans would have been everywhere and she would have been safe. (Yes, they would have run over innocent Pakistanis and probably shot a few also, but she would be alive today.)

The CIA has issued a report that Bhutto was killed by Al Qaeda and allies of Pakistani tribal leader Baitullah Mehsud. Amazingly, this view is echoed by the Pakistani government. With knowing or understanding the internal politics of Pakistan, I know that the US government would like for me to think about how dangerous Al Qaeda is. This I know. To say that I have my doubts would be an understatement.


From WaPo:

The CIA has concluded that members of al-Qaeda and allies of Pakistani tribal leader Baitullah Mehsud were responsible for last month’s assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, and that they also stand behind a new wave of violence threatening that country’s stability, the agency’s director, Michael V. Hayden, said in an interview.

Offering the most definitive public assessment by a U.S. intelligence official, Hayden said Bhutto was killed by fighters allied with Mehsud, a tribal leader in northwestern Pakistan, with support from al-Qaeda’s terrorist network. That view mirrors the Pakistani government’s assertions. (more…)