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Obama in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama showed up in Afghanistan today. From NYT: President Obama made a surprise trip here on Tuesday to sign a landmark strategic partnership agreement between the United States and Afghanistan in a midnight ceremony meant to mark the beginning of the end of a war that has lasted for more than a decade. Mr. Obama arrived after nightfall under a veil of secrecy at Bagram Air Base north of Kabul. He then flew by helicopter to the presidential palace, where he and President Hamid Karzai signed the pact, which is intended to be a road map for two nations

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The Errington Thompson Show 11-08-2008

As we know, Barack Obama won the election and it wasn’t close. John McCain gave a very gracious speech. In this week’s show, I interview my good friend Bill Scher from Campaign for America’s Future and the editor of BuzzFlash, Mark Karlin. I try to start at the beginning. Mark is from Chicago, Obama’s home turf, and he explains how our future president made this remarkable climb to the top. Bill Scher was at the 2004 convention. He was, like me, blown away by Barack Obama’s 2004 convention speech. This is a great discussion and a great summary of what happened.

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Countdown: The Beginning of the End

He knew it was coming, a special commentary on President Bush’s and the Republicans detainee act.  Keith Olbermann, on Countdown, does a much better job than he did with his last commentary.  His last commentary was simply angry.  This one presents excellent information and puts the detainee act in perspective.  When compared to Adam’s Alien and Sedition Act or Franklin D Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese-Americans, we can see that America has gone astray before.  We can also see that America is going astray again.  We are heading down a road in which the president can say anything and do anything and we’re

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