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British troops begin a pullout

Now this is interesting. We were told by the Bush administration that we were playing a game of “whack at mole.” We would go into one region and the insurgents would move into another. Because of this we need more troops. But now, Britain is pulling out troops. Using the Bush Administration’s logic wouldn’t the insurgents just fill that vacuum? —– From CNN.com: British Prime Minister Tony Blair will order nearly half the British troops in Iraq home by the end of 2007, British news outlets reported early Wednesday. The British Broadcasting Corporation and The Sun newspaper said Blair will tell

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Where to begin?

Molly Ivins has a plan: The sheer pleasure of getting lessons in etiquette from Karl Rove and the right-wing media passeth all understanding. Ever since 1994, the Republican Party has gone after Democrats with the frenzy of a foaming mad dog. There was the impeachment of Bill Clinton, not to mention the trashing of both Clinton and his wife — accused of everything from selling drugs to murder — all orchestrated by that paragon of manners, Tom DeLay. Media Matters collected some gems of fairness. For instance, Monica Crowley with MSNBC, in the wake of John Kerry’s botched program, astutely observed

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