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How about Domestic Spying before 9-11?

This revelation of over the weekend completely blew away the President’s argument that he only wants these powers to keep us safe.  Horse Hockey.  According to a NYT article, the NSA asked for telephone records in February of 2001.   We also know that Verizon has return over records without a court order.  I’m guessing that no one believes in privacy any more. ——– From TMP: Joseph Nacchio, the former CEO of Qwest Communications, delivered a pair of twin bombshells last week, when he asserted in a court filing that the National Security Agency had approached Qwest six months before 9/11

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Valerie Plame Wilson testifying before the House

It is good to see her in front of the House. Update:  She was firm and tough.  She handled the questions very well.  She did what she had to do.  She had to say that she was a covert CIA agent and she did.  There was a large group of right wing TV talking heads that argued their way into believing that Valerie Plame was not covert.  At one time, they were saying that she wasn’t even an agent.  My argument is the same that is made in the book Hubris – if Ms. Plame was not covert then why did

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Final Comment before Voting Starts

There are several of great progressive blogs and web sites.  This was from Jerome Armstrong’s MyDD. This site will be tracking electoral problems tomorrow:  http://www.protectourvotes.org/ Read it.  Know it.  Submit problems to it.   (Update, Jerome) Also, Common Cause has a voter hotline (1-866-MyVote1) that allows voters to call in and record their problems they’re having on Election Day. ————- Crooks and Liars has some great vids.  Daily Kos has a ton of last minute stuff. Finally, a prediction from The Left Coaster, a quiet thoughtful blogger. ———— I don’t have any secret words of wisdom.  Just vote and don’t let

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