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Grab bag – Friday

The art of debate in this country has died over the last 30 years. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were probably the last presidential candidates that actually had real debates. Since then, we’ve had organized photo opportunities. Two candidates will stand on the same stage and recite memorized talking points. Today there will be a lot of discussion about the Harry Reid – Sharron Angle debate. The bottom line is that very few voters will actually see the debate and decide their votes based on the merits of their arguments. The undecideds will continue to be undecided. Those who support each

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Stewart on da’ Factor

It is customary to try to be polite to a guest even if you are asking tough questions. Bill O’Reilly didn’t even try. Then again, I would have been surprised if he had. There are several interesting moments in this interview. First, O’Reilly suggests that only “dope heads” watch The Daily Show, which is true. I’m doing lines of blow on my computer right now before I go back and listen to another lecture at this trauma conference I’m attending in Boston. Secondly, Stewart mentions something that is really true, that on Fox, O’Reilly is the liberal. He is the closest

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What passes for debate in this country

Really? Or has he infiltrated the clubhouses so much that he is everywhere? I know several conservatives that “never listen,” but they all know the things that he has said. I have been blogging for over five years. I have thousands of posts. I would be surprised if you could find more than 10 posts on Rush. Maybe I have another 10 on Beck. For awhile I would listen to O’Reilly’s talking points memo and comment on a weekly basis, but it got boring. In order to get attention you need to act a fool in today’s world. So Beck will

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