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News Roundup – Romney, Domestic Spying, Zimmerman, Ricin and more

Oh, poor Mitt Romney. It seems that every three or four weeks we hear from a somber Mitt Romney. Damn, he was “this close” to winning the election. Remember the original reason that he lost wasn’t that he was a terrible candidate who made the Republican base nervous. No. Instead, it was that the president and Democrats gave Americans stuff. Now, Mitt Romney was on Fox News, telling their sad, tearful conservative viewers that, “I spoke with a leading Democrat, one of the top leaders of the Democratic party and he said, ‘I thought you had won, one week out…’” Romney

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This Presidential Race Is Not over

I would like for everyone to hold on just a second and understand that this presidential race is not over. For months, I’ve talked about this presidential race as being close. It is close. If we didn’t have the electoral college then I think things would be different. But we do have the electoral college. Therefore, states like Texas, California, New York and Illinois are basically meaningless. These states are reliably Democratic or Republican and therefore the candidates will spend very little time in any of them. It is the battleground states which will decide this election. Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North

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What's going on – Thursday Night News Roundup

Thursday Evening News Roundup I just got back from a fundraiser for Holly Jones , who is running for Buncombe County Commissioner. It was an extremely fun event. The food was provided by Chef in Motion and it was fabulous. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was widely heralded as the guru who oversaw the American economy for more than 20 years. Today, he testified on Capitol Hill in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He admits he was wrong about fighting against more regulation. I’m not sure that admitting you were wrong as the market goes up in flames is all

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