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Batman Versus Superman Versus Your Patience and Your Sanity

As I mentioned, multiple times before, I really love super hero movies. I don’t know why. Maybe it is the story line of good versus evil. Maybe it is the suspension of belief… No matter, I still love super hero movies. Superman–the Man of Steel was a middle of the road, okay movie. Henry Cavil really looks like Superman. Anyway, the movie suffered from way too many special effects. How many times can you see somebody being thrown through a building and watch the building collapse before you get bored? Fast forward to today. Batman versus Superman. The whole premise of the movie

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A couple of things

I haven’t seen Milk yet, but I think that need to. The screenwriter has just won an Oscar. NAACP calls for the cartoonist to be fired. I’m not worried about the cartoonist. Firing a cartoonist really doesn’t help anyone. He/she is low-hanging fruit. I’m thinking that the editor should have to formally and publicly apologize. Some GOP governors aren’t interested in taking the stimulus. They would rather have people out of work. I wonder if they think that those out-of-work folks didn’t vote for them? I just wonder. (BTW, they should do the right thing and give the money to California.) Secretary of Housing Shaun Donovan states that the

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Dark Knight Blew Up Box Office (Update)

The latest in the Batman series, The Dark Knight, has hauled in $66.4 million in its first day. In the last Batman picture, Christian Bale created a Batman that was more like the later comic strip character. Batman is more melancholy and that’s not necessarily bad. Both Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton (in the 2nd Batman) were somewhat dark, but Bale takes this a step further. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m looking forward to Batman: The Dark Knight. Update: This isn’t your mother’s Batman. This is upfront, in-your-face violence. It’s Godfather-style violence. The Joker is wonderful but so is

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