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Grammy Winning Bassist Larry Fulcher – The Origins of Funk

This was recorded in July 2009. (I’m trying to decide what to do with over 100 episodes of my old radio show. I uploaded most of them to this blog, years ago, but the podcasting app doesn’t work anymore. So, most of the episodes are not available to listen to. Finding the audio on my computer and uploading all of that content again for a radio show that is more than 10 years old sounds a bit nuts. I need to think about this some more.) I interviewed Mike Finnigan from Crooks and Liars about six months ago.  Mike is a

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The Brothers Johnson

Before I get to the Brothers Johnson, I wanted to post this video. This is the bass player from the Brothers Johnson – Louis Johnson. When he burst onto the scene in the late ’70s, I was awestruck. I thought he was one of the best bass players of his time. I’m still not sure if anyone is actually better than he is. Amazing. There aren’t any good live clips of the Brothers Johnson that I have found so far. I’m going keep looking. Enjoy this instrumental. Artist: Brothers Johnson Tune: Streetwave

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David Sanborn – "Hideaway"

David Sanborn was one of the original guys who founded Smooth Jazz. This is clip is from 1984! I need to figure out who’s playing with Dave. The bass player is amazing. Artist: David Sanborn Tune: “Hideaway”

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