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News Roundup – Cuba, Katie, New Jersey Water

President Obama is in Cuba. Yep, Cuba. I think that this is a good thing. Not talking with Cuba really has done nothing to destabilize its government in over 50 years. Let’s try to bring them into the 21st century. Kate Couric bought a $12 million condo in New York. Look, I’m happy for her, but $12 million for 4000 sq ft? Couldn’t she have spent a million dollars and gotten something really nice in Virginia? Maybe fly back and forth? I’m just askin’. What has happened in Flint, Michigan is a tragedy. This type of travesty should never happen in

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The Greatness of Basketball (Update)

I don’t watch as much basketball as I used to in college. In college, if basketball was on TV I was watching. Well, things have changed. I’m older. I no longer have the delusion that I could really play with many of the great college and professional basketball players. The greatness of basketball is that it is really all about managing chaos. Five-on-five is chaos and confusion. I don’t care how great the play that is drawn up on the sideline – most of these plays will break down. Then what? Basketball is about limiting turnovers. This means that you and

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Grab bag – Sunday Night

Celtics are playing great basketball. They are on the boards and they are making their shots. Kobe is shooting lights out, but the rest of the team seems to be in wonderland. It is midway through the 3rd quarter. Something smells rotten in the SC elections. Barbara Bush, daughter of the former president, thinks that healthcare is a right. Hey, she has her own thoughts. I’m proud of her. (I wonder if Liz Cheney will put her in a headlock until she says insurance companies are good.) Boehner is changing his tune on whether or not BP should pay for the

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