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What's Going On – Sunday News Roundup (Update)

I’ve turned off the Los Angeles Lakers – Orlando Magic basketball game. I just can’t watch anymore. For a quarter and a half, there was really good basketball. Congratulations to Los Angeles Lakers (watching this final just makes me want to remind everyone that there was basketball in the NBA. Remember when the Lakers played the Celtics? Larry Bird. Magic Johnson. James Worthy. Kevin McHale. Now that was basketball.) I think it is becoming more and more obvious that the Iranian election has been less than fair. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Independent -VT) was on the Situation Room on Friday. He’s talking

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I was just going to say that I’m watching an excellent basketball game.  Both teams are pushing the ball.  They are playing team offense and defense.  Just as I was typing this Kansas had a 3-on-1 fast break and some knucklehead pulled up and shot a wild 3-point attempt.  What?  Discipline.  Of course, the ball clanked off the …nothing.  It was an air ball.  Memphis grabs the airball and pushes the ball the other way.

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