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Saturday Evening News Roundup

I cannot believe the Peyton Place that’s going on in Orlando. Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard are feuding like an old married couple. Did you see Phil Mickelson today at the Masters? Simply an amazing performance. Weak jobs report is somewhat disappointing, but the economy still added jobs. 120,000 new jobs are nothing to sneeze at. Basically, as I see it, this job report underscores what we already know, that the economy is not up to full strength. The economy is still fragile. In Wisconsin, Kelly Nickolaus has stepped down, or step aside, as she seems to have a disturbing

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Tiger's back

Just when golf was sinking back into the group of sports that are rather boring, Tiger Woods is back. Embedded video from CNN Video From CNN: The baseball player Curt Schilling once said that mystique and aura are dancers at a nightclub. Golf, though, has Tiger Woods, who after an eight-month absence, the longest of his career, radiates those qualities perhaps now more than ever. The world No. 1 went 3-under for his first two holes since winning the U.S. Open on a broken leg last June, and easily beat an awed and mostly misfiring Brendan Jones 3&2 in the first

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