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Corporate America Hates Me

I’m sure that the hatred that I have for corporate America is mutual. I have plenty of recent evidence. Just a couple days ago, I was called by Bank of America. They wanted to know when I was going to pay the $150 that I owe them. I got this call on Monday – Veterans Day. I happily told the Bank of America employee that I’d already paid the money that I owed plus an extra $50 at the branch on the previous Friday. Then he read a standard statement which said something about how I would continue to get calls

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Wednesday Morning News Roundup

I’m sorry, but I continue to get the overwhelming feeling that the media is playing us. In order to keep this contest going, the media is pushing Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. They’re making them seem more popular than they really are. Therefore, they get more votes and before you know it we have a “real contest.” This thing is going to go on for months. Oh, by the way, Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi. Mitt Romney can take some solace in knowing that he won Hawaii, I guess. North Slope oil well hhad been gushing well for several

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Thursday Evening News Roundup

There seems to be a question as to whether the Republicans are going to renege on their budget deal which was agreed upon last August. House Republicans are looking to stir the pot. I thought that the Republican Party was the party of honesty and moral values. I guess not. After a ton of hype, this double secret tape that will be devastating to the president has been released. Did you feel that? The earth shook. Or maybe not. This is more nothing than usual. This double secret tape has been widely available on PBS and YouTube for more than three

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