Ethiopian Sun Halo & Bloggers

On a day of local Ethiopian elections last Sunday, some people saw a halo around the sun and interpreted it as a sign from God or a miracle of some sort.

( Above is a painting in a church in an Ethiopian town called Bahar Dar. Here is information about that town. It seems an interesting place to visit.)

Here is information about religion in Ethiopia.

Some say that a 1991 Ethiopian sun halo led to a change in government

Here is a story about this most recent halo. Regretfully, it didn’t have the same effect as the previous halo sighting because the same corrupt bunch has been returned to office.

If I were running for office, and people believed a cloud formation had spelled out my name as a sign to vote for me, I would do all I could to encourage such speculation.

On the other hand, if people saw such a cloud formation as the devil’s work, I would call for reasons to prevail and for a campaign based on the issues.

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