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Prior to the Invasion of Iraq, America Was Like a Runaway Train

I will still submit that State of War: The Secret History of the CIA And the Bush Administration by James Risen is a great book, one that I’ve highly recommended. It is simply one of the best books I’ve read about the Bush administration in the last three or four years. I keep referring to that book over and over again. The book recounts a number of scenarios that the CIA tried prior to the invasion of Iraq in order to really delineate whether Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. One of those efforts focused on an anesthesiologist named Dr.

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Interesting Editing From CBS News

Senator John McCain didn’t answer Katie Couric’s question on Iraq. As a matter of fact, McCain screwed up the attempt. Just so that we are clear… Sunni leaders got together in al-Anbar province to stop the violence and push Al Qaeda out of their country. This happened in September and October of 2006. The surge was announced by President Bush in January of 2007. The surge was really targeted to decrease the violence in Baghdad. Although there were some troops transferred to al-Anbar, the decrease in violence was because of the Sunni’s taking control of their own piece of Iraq. Crooks

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NC poll – be truthworthy

New Poll from the Charlotte Observer, The News and Observer, WNCN-TV and WCNC-TV asks North Carolinians about the presidential race. Trustworthiness is the most important trait.  I’m not sure why but John McCain is the candidate that NC believes is the most trustworthy.  John McCain?  Mister it is safe in the Baghdad market?  Get real.  We need to education NC on John McCain or John McSame.

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