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Romney’s continued attack on the auto industry

I’ve been been working on and off for the last two hours on trying to get a decent post together on Mitt Romney and his attack on the auto industry bailout. I have either writer’s block or brain freeze or some combination of both. Let’s see what Steve had to say on this subject – Mitt Romney has earned a well-deserved reputation for taking both sides of several dozen issues. As a rule, however, the Republican presidential hopeful tries to take these positions one at a time. Romney’s position on President Obama’s rescue of the American automotive industry is a little

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More to talk about this Tuesday evening

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid out criteria for peace in an address before Congress. The one point that he made that I think deserves underscoring is that the leadership of Israel has acknowledged that there needs to be a Palestinian state, but the leadership of the Palestinian Authority has never said there should be and must be an Israeli state. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is going to stand trial for killing or ordering the killing of unarmed protesters. As a rule, if you’re an ousted dictator, you need to get out of the country. Do you remember when gas prices

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GM laying off people and closing plants

I’ve been highly critical of our automotive industry for a long time. Over the last two or three years, all we’ve heard from General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler is whining about health care premiums. “We simply cannot be competitive paying these pensions and premiums.” It would have been nice had any of those companies embraced the American people and their workers…if those companies had tried seriously to invest in a truly new line of automobile. It would’ve been interesting if in 2000 or 2001, General Motors poured everything into hybrid technology. I wonder where we would be today. Unfortunately, they didn’t. The big three

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