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Remember When Republicans Wanted the Auto Industry to Fail?

Just a couple weeks ago, we got the new auto sales reports for November. From the Wall Street Journal: U.S. car makers reported a surprisingly strong month of sales on Thursday, with trucks boosting General Motors and Chrysler enjoying its best November since 2007. Ford Motor Co. F -0.54% , Toyota Motor Corp. TM -0.40% and Nissan Motors NSANY -1.31% also fared well, while Honda Motor Co. HMC +0.09% took another hit. Overall, the industry reported a SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate of sales) of 13.6 million units, according to Autodata, up from 12.28 million in November 2010. Total deliveries rose

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UAW willing to go the extra mile

Senator Bob Corker basically came out of nowhere to insert himself into the auto industry negotiations. During his two years in the Senate he has been invisible. Now he steps forward and asks the UAW to take pay cuts. The UAW president responds in the video clip below: CNN now reports that the White House is considering using a portion of the $700 billion bailout funds to help the auto industry. From CNN: The Bush administration said Friday that it will consider using the money set aside to help banks and Wall Street to rescue the auto industry. The statement —

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Breaking News: Auto Talks Break Down

CNN is reporting that the auto negotiations in the Senate have just broken down and the bailout bill appears to be dead. We can throw billions at Wall Street but cannot save the auto industry. How sad. You know, it isn’t the fact that the Senate Republicans have killed this bill that really bothers me. It’s that these guys will not stand up and tell the American public that the middle class simply doesn’t matter anymore. They don’t care if you to have a good job for a good wage. They want you to work at McD’s and Wal-Mart and feel

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