News Roundup – Government Shutdown, Debt Panic

I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I have been in Huntington, West Virginia, Asheville and I’m now chilling at DFW. I just attended the funeral of my Aunt Thelma. She was 92. She had a marvelous life and was truly blessed. The service was fabulous. Frank Tull, Thelma’s son and my cousin, presided. He did an absolutely wonderful job. It was a true celebration.

Government Shutdown. Woohoo, the government shutdown is over. Government workers are going back to work. Things are opening up again. So, what was this all about? What was accomplished? Nothing. Congress made an agreement to kick the can down the road. Everything comes to a head again in three months. We spent $24 billion for nothing.

The problem I see is that the equation hasn’t changed. We still have Democrats that aren’t going to cave in and slash Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. That’s not going to happen. The far right still hate ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act).

More later.