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Obama speaks to the CIA

President Barack Obama went to Langley, Virginia today and addressed the CIA.  He does an excellent job at explaining his decision to release the torture memos.  He also expresses his support for their tough mission. (I would like to add just a small note congratulating Marcy Wheeler for scooping everyone else. I think that she was the first one to note that KSM was waterboarded over 150 times. NYT has the story this AM.) Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy From WaPo: Days after releasing top-secret memos that detailed the CIA’s use of simulated drowning

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Justice Department Not Really Interested in Justice

It appears that Monica Goodling and the rest of the neocons that ruled the Department of Justice over the last five to six years are going to get off scot-free. Michael Mukasey said yesterday that he wasn’t going to prosecute these crimes in hiring practices. From The Carpetbagger Report: Mukasey said he will not prosecute the DoJ employees who repeatedly and flagrantly violated the law. Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Tuesday that the Department of Justice would not pursue criminal charges against former employees implicated in an internal investigation on politicized hiring practices. “Where there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing, we

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