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News Roundup – Syria, Austerity, Immigration Reform

Last night, President Barack Obama presented his case against the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad. In my opinion, the case is pretty clear. The Syrian government used chemical weapons against their own people. Then, to cover up their atrocities, they then shelled those exact same neighborhoods for three days straight. Then, they let UN weapons inspectors to come in with the hope that they would find nothing. Or at least, they would find nothing conclusive. The one thing that this whole ordeal has clearly shown us is the dysfunction of the Republican Party. On one hand, there are some of

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Our Problem Is Not Overspending by the Government

Over the past 20 years, Americans have heard that “Washington is spending too much.” Whatever politician was railing against Washington spending would come up with some obscure program that is measuring methane gas as pigs past wind. These are almost always conservative politicians pointing out these “problems.” For some reason, and I don’t understand why, they never mention billions of dollars spent on weapons systems that have never worked or the fact that we are now enjoying the third-generation of stealth fighter/bombers. The third generation. No military in the world has ever been able to detect the first generation or the

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The big fail

Geraldo Rivera, media celebrity for Fox News, invites Malik Shabazz, member of the New Black Panther organization, to talk about his views on America. Nothing good can come out of this conversation. The video is here. I am completely unable to watch this video. It simply sucks IQ points out of my head. You have one guy asking leading questions and another guy, who has an agenda, wants to point out to America the impression that Whites has inflicted on the world over the last several centuries. This is the problem with race relations. He cannot talk past each other. You

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