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Remembering Robert Kennedy

I’m kind of surprised that Texas Liberal didn’t post on this ready. He is the resident history buff. Robert Kennedy died 40 years ago today. This is a nice summary of some the chaos that was the late 1960’s!!!

Brian Williams mentions that some of this footage hasn’t been aired since 1968. Some of our past has been too painful to re-live. I know that I really haven’t seen that much coverage of Robert Kennedy over the years.

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Bhutto Assassination

Benzair Bhutto will leave a mixed legacy.  She is from a powerful and political family.  She has a lot of support from a fractured nation.  She was also driven out of power twice, reportedly for corruption.  There is no doubt that the Taliban and Al Qaeda formed and strengthen while Bhutto was in power.

Keith Olbermann discusses Bhutto and her legacy with Richard Wolfe, Dana Milbank and  Hillary Mann Leverett, former National Security Council Director for the Persian Gulf.

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