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McCain Asked for Hagee's Endorsement

Doesn’t this simple fact, if it is correct, change those who were arguing that McCain can’t help who endorses him? Over the weekend, as the firestorm over Barack Obama and his preacher, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, was reaching its maximum fevered pitch, some McCain supporters were quick to give their candidate the moral high ground. They said that McCain would never do anything like Obama. But, when McCain supporters were asked about John Hagee, they would say that their candidate couldn’t help who endorsed him. If you pressed further and asked why he accepted the endorsement at a large press conference, there

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Speaker of the House Hastert asked FBI to investigate Foley

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has been sitting on this information for months.  Initially he denied that he knew anything about it.  On Sunday he has asked the FBI (looking at the video posted below, one must question whether the FBI is the appropriate agency since they have sat on this information for months.)  To investigate not only Congressman Foley and also members of a House to see if there is any wrongdoing.  Again, the party that is supposed to clean up corruption sure seems to be sweeping it under the rug until the spotlight of the national media shines

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Marines asked to serve, again

La Times: WASHINGTON — The Marine Corps said Tuesday that it would begin calling Marines back to active-duty service on an involuntary basis to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan — the latest sign that the American force is under strain and a signal that the military is having trouble persuading young veterans to return. Marine commanders will call up formerly active-duty service members now classified as reservists because the Corps failed to find enough volunteers among its emergency reserve pool to fill jobs in combat zones. The call-ups will begin in several months, summoning as many as 2,500 reservists at a

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