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Nothing to say…

Still recovering from some type of GI thing. With luck, I’ll have something thoughtful and intelligent to say tomorrow, what with Israel invading Gaza, the economy still in the tank, oil prices increasing… Finally, the jazz great Freddie Hubbard has died. From Wiki: Hubbard started playing the mellophone and trumpet in his school band, studying at the Jordan Conservatory with the principal trumpeter of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. In his teens Hubbard worked locally with brothers Wes and Monk Montgomery and worked with bassist Larry Ridley and saxophonist James Spaulding. In 1958, at the age of 20, he moved to New York

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Art Blakey and Freddie Hubbard

One of the great things about Jazz is that there are standards which everyone is expected to play at one time or another. Moanin’ is one of those tunes. This is played by the great Art Blakey and a very young Freddie Hubbard. (Sorry about the terrible ending.)

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