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We aren't better off…

American Homeless

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It is kind of funny how the White House and other supply-siders continue to tell us how great the economy is doing. Like I can go to Kroger’s and hand them a Dow-Jones to pay for my groceries. The S&P500 don’t put food on your plate or gas in your tank. We need an US 300 million index. Well, we actually have that it is just a little hard to get at. It is the average income of Americans. Our average income is still less than it was in 2000!! While food and other items continue to increase in price.

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SUV's aren't safe

A recent report found that children are no safer in an SUV then they are in any other car. NO Duh!! This has been proven by a number of studies. BUT it should be mentioned that SUV’s are safer today than there were 5 or 10 years ago. Please note that SUV’s have for the most part gotten smaller and more maneuverable.

New research indicates that, as far as children are concerned, SUVs’ benefits of size are offset by their increased risk of rolling over, making them no safer than ordinary passenger cars.  mo

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