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Gas is cheap in Saudi Arabia

Yet, another reason for oil prices to artificially high. I truly don’t believe that anyone has a good handle on gas prices. There aren’t enough refineries in the US some say. Why not? Because, in my humble opinion, there is no downside for oil companies to choke of gas supplies and allow the price to rise. If they make too much gas then gas prices fall. Therefore, no new refineries. By choking off supply at the refinery level the oil companies build a cushion or a supply of crude just in case something happens. Hugo Chavez goes nuts or a Russian

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Cheney in Saudia Arabia

Why won’t our President be Presidential?  Doesn’t he need to take charge?  Don’t send Cheney.  Do something yourself!  His Presidency is being blown up in Baghdad.  Shouldn’t he do something? From CNN.com: Vice President Dick Cheney is on his way back to Washington after a daylong whirlwind meeting with Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. Cheney and King Abdullah met Saturday for several hours on issues key to both nations — including the latest developments in Iraq, Iran’s growing influence in the region, the status of Hamas in Gaza, Syria’s diplomatic status, and Syria’s influence in Lebanon’s government, a Saudi adviser told CNN. Saudi Arabia

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