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Monday Afternoon News Roundup

Monday Afternoon News Roundup It seems to me that there’s more going on with Hamas in the Gaza Strip the meets the eye. I don’t understand the strategy of lobbing missiles into Israel. What were they hoping to accomplish? Were they thinking that they had improved relationships within the Arab world? Will their Arab neighbors like Egypt come to the rescue? That simply doesn’t make any sense to me. None of this makes any sense, unless Hamas was trying to lower Israel into a ground war. Maybe Hamas has obtained chemical or biological weapons from Iran. Maybe Hamas wants to sucker

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Thursday Evening News Roundup

Thursday Evening News Roundup Enjoyed a little present from the American Board of Surgery today. It was less fun than you think. President Bill Clinton in Orlando. He is on. I am still trying to figure out what the hell happened in Libya. So, a You Tube video did all of this? Really? I ain’t buying it. It looks like it is more complex than the original story. I still don’t understand how the ambassador died. It seems that everyone was leaving the embassy and he got separated from everyone and somehow ended up dead at the hospital. Crazy. From MaddowBlog:

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A couple of things

Steve Clemons, the director of the American Strategy Program at the new America Foundation, has a nice post on Barack Obama’s interview with the Arab channel Al Arabiya. I think the interview was brilliant. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Arab world. Are we China? The Georgia peanut plant linked with salmonella “knowingly shipped out contaminated peanut butter 12 times in the past two years.” Where are our government officials? The people responsible should be roasted (pun intended)!!! Bernard Madoff isn’t the only one running Ponzi schemes. Over the last weeks several people have been arrested.  They haven’t swindled

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